Management of Propagation Techniques of the Specie Croton lechleri Muell.Arg

Fecha de publicación: Ago 19, 2021


With the aim of increasing the production of Croton lechleri Mull.Arg plants due to its attributes as a medicinal plant, the effect of different types of stakes and substrates as root promoters under intermittent nebulization conditions was evaluated. The work was conducted through a randomized complete block scheme adapting a factorial of 4 × 3, being the factors types of stakes (apical with leaves, apical without leaves, medium and basal) and substrates (sand, sand + Aserrin (1:1) and Aserrin (100%) at the rate of 10 stakes per repetition totaling 360 stakes throughout the experiment. The percentage of root (%), dead stakes (%), sprouted stakes (%), dead stake diameter was evaluated. (mm), shoot length (cm) and root length (cm) The Aserrin provided the highest number of dead stakes and the smallest number of shoots in the species, with apical stakes with leaves and the combination of sand + Aserrin as a substrate providing the highest percentage of roots formed, therefore these two factors influence the production of plants in the dragon blood species.